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"I am a high school student at an area school, and I have been coming to Aaron for the last two years with a variety of injuries.

He's the best! From my shoulder to my knee, he has helped me get better and pushed me to my limits. I can honestly say I love going to physical therapy because I know I'm going into a great environment. You can tell that Aaron loves his job. His commitment and expertise have helped my shoulder and knee injuries exponentially.

Aaron not only gives his input during sessions, but also makes sure I am doing well after them. His sense of humor really helps me as well during the challenging sessions. I definitely recommend Aaron as he is an amazing therapist."


"Our son, Hunter Sutton, an elite competitive ranked wrestler was experiencing low back pain in 2012. The doctor highly recommended Aaron Shelton, an elite athlete physical therapist who understands all sports related injuries and can work with our son one-on-one. Aaron did an excellent job of decreasing Hunter's back pain, improving strength, and progressing Hunter's agility for a safe return to wrestling.

In 2013 Hunter was undefeated going for 3rd State Wrestling Title that year, but could not finish due to a season ending knee injury. Hunter had torn meniscus in both knees that required surgery and physical therapy. With Aaron's help after 2 knee surgeries, Hunter was back in 2014 wrestling stronger than ever. He won County, Region and State Championships and was undefeated 47-0. He was named All-Gazette Wrestler of the Year and named Washington Post's 2013-2014 All-Met Team.

Aaron's experience in training for sports, sports medicine/physical therapy and how to work with elite athletes at the highest level contributed to Hunter's return from injury and wrestling success this year. Aaron's talent, experience and caring approach makes him a great choice for your Sports Medicine needs. We highly recommend Aaron Shelton to anyone needing Physical Therapy.

Thank you Aaron for all of your help! You are the best!" -Sutton Family


"There is no one I credit more with my success as an athlete than Aaron Shelton. Teeming with knowledge in every subject from dry needling to kettlebells, Aaron possesses all of the necessary tools of an excellent physical therapist and trainer.

When I first started with Aaron, I was an awkward fencer and had not reached my potential in competition. I have had a variety of injuries with which he has treated me. Now, a year and a half later, my form has improved without bound and I continue to climb the ranks on the national spectrum. Aaron knows my limits and how to push them so I can keep on improving without injury. I think that knowing what I am capable of is one of his best qualities and helps him to assess me as an athlete and progress without injuring me.

I am now preparing to become a college athlete and will be a starter on the fencing team in the fall. I am confident that I would not be in this position without Aaron's continuous support and training. I would recommend Aaron to all of my friends, as he is the one I trust the most regarding my training and my fitness."


"Aaron has been my physical therapist for the past few months and I could not give him a stronger recommendation! I've seen several other PTs over the last 2.5 years with little success, but Aaron has finally helped me achieve meaningful results.

Aaron has not only helped me get back to a life without near constant back/hip pain, he has also helped me to regain the strength and stability needed for regular running, lifting, and general physical activity. I am thrilled to be getting back to living an active lifestyle and can't thank Aaron enough!"