Aaron Shelton PT, DPT

Aaron is the founder of Prime Sports Med RX. He received his doctorate from Marymount University in Arlington, VA and an undergraduate degree in sports medicine and wellness from Averett University in Danville, VA. Aaron's passion for sports, sports performance, and rehabilitation was spurred from his own experiences in athletics. He participated in basketball during high school, college, and in semi-professional competition.

Throughout college, sports medicine was a natural fit as Aaron enjoyed taking the educational basis received in class and applying it to the process of rehabilitation and return to sport performance. Aaron takes a functional movement based approach to both physical therapy and sports training by working on restoring proper movement patterns and incorporating the engagement of the core, hips, and postural muscles. Aaron is licensed in Maryland and Virginia and is certified in a variety of sports medicine and training styles.

The philosophy at Prime Sports Med RX is that physical therapy needs to be "physical". It starts with the therapist as he works with the patient utilizing manual techniques, cueing them on muscle activation in exercise, and being able to provide accurate demonstrations of what movements he is asking the patient to perform. The physical focus transfers to the patient as they are asked to reproduce the movements and work on exercises inside as well as outside of the clinic. They will be progressed through a variety of strengthening, stabilization, endurance, functional and dynamic movements that are tailored to their goals.

Progression back into functional activity, exercise, and sports also means that the patient will be working at a level that pushes the boundaries of their movement and abilities so that the best decision can be made of when they are safe to return to full activity. At this point, the patient will be encouraged to continue to work on maintaining and progressing their program so that they can work on preventing future injuries and dysfunctional movement.